Missouri Professor Dr. Dale Brigham Resigns After He Is Pressured To Cancel An Exam Due To Campus Tensions

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Saw this going around last night – students emailing a professor asking for a makeup exam because they didn’t want to go to class the next day, out of fear for their safety.

His response was, more or less, a virtual bitch slap.

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(Don’t forget a lot of that fear was caused by random, baseless rumors spread by the student body President)

Dr. Brigham eventually set up an automated email response for all of it, compromising a little bit and offering a chance to take a make-up if they truly didn’t feel comfortable coming to class:

Until finally he caved today and flat out cancelled the exam…but not before throwing in the towel on the whole college thing.

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Another faculty member gone, this time an esteemed professor with a PhD. Wonder if there’s anyone left to run or teach at the school when all is said and done?

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