Melissa Click, The Mizzou Protest Lady, Being A UMass Grad Is So Perfect





So this morning Kmarko blogged everything you need to know about Melissa Click. Incredible coverage top to bottom from him on this entire Mizzou situation.


But when I saw that this lady was a UMass grad everything started to make perfect sense. Of course Melissa Click sowed her oats in western Mass. I should have recognized it from the second I saw her because she just looks like a caricature of a Massachusetts feminist. You walk into any police station in the country and say you were assaulted by an angry, liberal woman and Click is in the line-up every time.


She’s just perfect. Can’t you picture her strolling around Northampton in her Birkenstocks, mulling over the phenomenon of Martha Stewart, chin in the air with this false sense of entitlement and acting like she’s a radical who’s changing the world? Melissa Click is a liberal, northern woman who don’t need no man for nothing. Except, of course, for when she needs some muscle to get this reporter out of here because she wants her message spread in her way. Then she’s just a frail flower who can’t be reasoned with or spoken to by anything with a penis because it will damage her feminine psyche.