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More People Watched A Saltwater Fishing Show Than Colin Cowherd's Super Hyped Interview With Donald Trump

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Awful Announcing- According to our ratings guru Douglas Pucci, Cowherd’s interview with Trump provided a minor boost to the show with an average of 89,000 viewers. Although Cowherd’s move to Fox has received a lot of publicity, the viewership increase has been modest at best, with the program still hovering in the mid-to-high five digits. The last four weeks have seen Cowherd average 68,000, 56,000, 65,000, and 77,000 viewers respectively for the afternoon radio simulcast. But what about the much-balleyhooed primetime special? Well, it’s in those numbers where the gap between FS1 and ESPN was illuminated in its fullest. As FS1 was airing its Trump-Cowherd primetime special, ESPN was getting ready to air Monday Night Football. The result was that just 53,000 people watched the replay at 8 PM ET. Over on ESPN, 2.1 million were tuning in for Monday Night Countdown followed by an audience of over 12 million for Colts-Panthers. But it wasn’t just MNF pregame coverage that beat FS1? No, the Trump-Cowherd interview finished behind the following programs:

NBA OKC/Houston (NBATV) 331k
NBA Coast to Coast (ESPN2) 138k
NFL Total Access NFLN 157k
George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing NBCSN 66k
CFB Notre Dame/Temple replay (ESPNU) 54k
More people watched a fishing show on NBCSN than Colin Cowherd’s interview with Donald Trump that was heavily promoted during the World Series. Let that soak in.



Ouch.  I doubt that’s the news FS1 was looking for when they signed Colin Cowherd after his ESPN departure.  Getting beat in the ratings by George Poveromo and his saltwater fish isn’t a great look.  It wasn’t just any interview either.  It was the Donald Trump interview. The mack daddy of TV ratings.   The interview that got more promotion than DraftKings and FanDuel combined. The one we saw commercials for during the World Series. It should also be noted that this was when the interview was shown at night. Not the one during the day when everybody was at work and couldn’t watch it.  This was supposed to be the main event. And it fell flat. So what happened? My guess is it was just one too many blowhards talking at once. People couldn’t handle it. I’m surprised the universe didn’t fold into itself when those egos bounced off each other.


Alright fine, this is a bit of a reach. I’ll admit that.  Nobody is gonna watch the replay of an interview later that night on TV when they probably listened to it during the day on the radio. Of course the ratings are gonna stink (it is still kinda funny that a fishing show got higher ratings than the interview replay). I just fucking hate Colin Cowherd and wanted to make fun of him for something. He won’t stop shitting all over Iowa football and how they’re not worthy to be #9 in the CFB Playoff rankings (he said he had them at #87. Hilarious, Colin). He says he wouldn’t put Iowa into the playoff if they went 13-0 unless they blowout Ohio State or Michigan State in the B1G Championship game. Well I have news for Colin. If the Hakweyes go 13-0, regardless of how they get there, they’re getting into the CFB Playoff. I know Cowherd is doing this to piss off the nice people of Iowa but it still makes me angry. The best revenge would be Iowa going 13-0, making it into the playoff and winning the whole damn thing. So let’s do that. Maybe that’ll get Cowherd to shut his big trap but I doubt it.




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