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Local News Tried To Fake A Caught-On-Camera Accident For Their Report And Failed Miserably


Alright so the volume on that video stinks but everything else is laugh out loud funny. Trying to stage a moment where somebody almost gets hit by a car so it’ll bump their ratings a little bit.  Shameless but this is the current internet climate we live in.  Go viral or don’t go at all. Actual reporting on facts is a fucking snoozefest. Nobody wants to listen to that shit. It’s 2015 and we need people getting hit by cars to keep our attention.  You know what their main problem was?  The girl who was supposed to almost get hit didn’t commit to her role enough.  She’s the X-factor of the whole thing.  You want that shit to go viral?  Then she’s gotta dramatically roll over the hood of the car or dive head-first through the windshield. The more broken bones and pools of blood the better. All she did was “collapse” AKA trip on the curb. In a weird way though this horrible result actually helped the news report blow up because it was so horrendously staged that here we are now talking about it. So good job I guess?