My Friends Steve (Ballmer) And Mark (Cuban) End Up On The Kiss Cam Together Last Night And Ballmer Of Course Steals The Show



You know what this told me, that I was lucky Mark Cuban didn’t invest in my brain. Just look at him in this video. Definition of a guy who thinks he’s too cool for school. Oh I’m on the Kiss Cam with Ballmer, here’s a little peck now leave me alone because I’m a billionaire. Well you know what, kick rocks, Mark. Have a little fun with it. Meanwhile my guy Steve is all in. Literally going to kiss you to death. That’s just how Ballmer operates, he gives you 110% of his energy 110% of the time. You want Kiss Cam, I’ll show you Kiss Cam, then proceeds to almost pass out from kissing the air so aggressively. That’s a guy I want owning my team.







Mark, if you’re reading this, I’d still take 1 million dollars for 10% of my brain, just joking about the being a hardo owner thing. In fact Ballmer is kind of gay there right? Right? Who kisses air? HA! Losers, that’s who. K good talk, dust me.