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Belichick Vs. This Guy Tonight.....Who Ya Got?









Everyone’s real high on Dan Campbell right now, so high that I wouldn’t be surprised if he lands himself a contract and in three years we’re all wondering “How the hell did this guy get a long term deal?” while Campbell does dips on the sideline. Nonetheless, I’ll admit he’s very tough to dislike. Impossible to dislike, even. But Dan vs Bill on a short week? The Hoodie vs the hair and floral cuffs? Scheme vs Oklahomas? Come on now. I wish Campbell was in any other division so I could love him without having to hurt him, but he’s out of his depth here. This isn’t the Titans or the Texans, Dano. You’re not in Kansas anymore. You’ve got Bill and Brady on a Thursday night.





They’re pretty good.



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