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Giants Fan Running His Mouth Gets Absolutely WOMPED By Eagles Fan Who Had Enough

Have fun being truthful in Lala land, bud. I’m not condoning the outright SMASH to the face, and I’m sure this will go over great for the Philly scumbag fan narrative, but I don’t care. That was a pure crack. Was it necessary? Probably not. But when you think you’re the cock of the walk waltzing through any stadium in the country acting like a tough guy, there will always be someone there to put you in your place. Gotta be smarter than that in enemy territory. The always fashionable whitewash jeans in the alternate red is just lucky he wasn’t in the Bay Area or that punch would’ve been a stab.

PS – The cargo sweats/Timbs combo reeks of Delco.

h/t Chris


And right after the clip the group of guys who where watching and cheering for mr punchout we’re singing the eagles fight song walking down the tunnel, it was hilarious and awesome! That dude was beyond starting shit and running his mouth literally almost the whole el ride back, he def wasn’t a innocent bystander not looking for trouble