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"Tom Brady, The Dark Knight" Is The Only Pump Up Video You Need For Indy




Elephant in the room: I don’t know how in the fuck you make this video to email to us and have a clip of that horrible SB Nation dude saying Free Brady but not a clip of us yelling Free Brady while we’re lead to a NYC jail in handcuffs. Whatever. I guess that hugely important piece of the trial of Tom Brady slipped your mind.



But, I’ll still post it because the rest of it was that good. Each and every clip of the talking heads calling for Brady’s was better than the last. Every “11 of 12 balls deflated” bottom third made me want to make a Voodoo doll of everyone in Indianapolis. Any person who’s ever worn a Colts horseshoe must pay and this pump up vid has my blood thirst at an all time high.


Though I’m not even sure it’s fair that we’re allowed to get fired up. Like we get to be way better and way more inspired? It’s like getting jacked to play backyard basketball against your retarded brother who’s never scored a basket on you. We really don’t need the added motivation. Fuck it, Warren never should’ve told my parents that I snuck out last weekend and I wouldn’t have to embarrass him like this, again.