Death By Yabos, Cards/Cubs Game 3 Rewind

Thanks to @_MarcusD_ for the videos, must follow.

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I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this but Wrigley was absolutely ELECTRIC last night. Death by YABOS. Wind blowing out, Wacha having control issues and a young hungry lineup ready to pounce. Mini-Rewind with some videos from my seats.





I complained about the weird start times for this series but I’ll be honest, between the weather and the fact that we got the first few innings with the sun setting, Wrigley felt even more special yesterday. An indescribable buzz.


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And we get it going with Arrieta picking up right where he left off (turned out to not be the case but a win is a win and it was good for the team to pay Jake back for the past 3 months of dominance)




Second inning Kyle Schwarber misses a ball over his head that most outfielders probably would have had, but that’s the deal with Schwarber. He may give up a double one way.




But he’ll touch them all the other.





I vined two at bats pitch by pitch last night. Just had a feeling twice, which turns out wasn’t as great of a call after there were 6 home runs, but his was the first one. Schwarboooo.






Love Hyde talking the ball out of the park.





Bottom of the 4th after Jake gives up 2 runs putting a little fear into the Park, Starlin (who absolutely OWNS Wacha) went Pimp Job.




This one was hit about 3 rows away from my seat and because my depth perception sucks (I was drinking) I thought I actually had a shot which resulted in me stumbling a little into the old man in front of me and bear hugging him so I didn’t take out the entire section.




Think he was scared for his life.

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Sidenote – I am so happy for Starlin Castro. What a ride for him. He probably never thought this day would come, when he gets to play in the playoffs, for the Cubs, at Wrigley Field. Between all the years of losing teams where he was the single bright spot, to this year where he struggled and dealt with trade rumors for the majority of the season. To have him turn it around like he did and be a major contributor again has been special to watch. #0Haters for life. 3,000 hits still alive! (Maybe not on this one).




To the bottom of the 5th and it was officially on.



Kris Bryant, who was in a mini slump, then ate 3 donuts on Sunday, then came out of his slump. Not a coincidence.






Watch how quickly people reacted, the second it hit his bat everyone knew it was gone. Vine number 2 from the seats.




And a sick slow mo.





And Rizzo absolutely CRUSHING one. To think people actually thought Bryant and Rizzo wouldn’t get out of their slump. These guys are so good, you just can’t beat them for a whole series, not possible.





We then had Soler going Ding Dong Johnson (TM, Pedro Martinez) and Fowler taking one deep that I’ll admit, probably had a good amount to do with the wind, and all in all it was a night to remember. Couple other little notes and pictures from the game.



They had video of Ernie doing the Stretch, absolutely perfect



YABO Nation


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This guy to my left held a framed picture of Ernie Banks for the entire night so that Ernie could watch the game.



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Party Time


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Trolling Jason Inrisinghausen and his hatred for crooked hats.


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My hat had seen better days, with the amount of home runs last night there was beer, peanuts, hats flying everywhere. This one landed in an ocean of Budweiser.


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Look at this schmohawk. Who wears a full jersey to a sporting event???


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Go Cubs Go




And people cheering on the way out just because. Chills.





What a night, what a team, what a year. Close out day today. Poor Cardinals, thought they had a chance.


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