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Pete Rose Is Insulted By The Very Concept of A Concussion

Where the hell has Pete Rose been my entire life? I mean you can’t even say the word concussion nowadays without the PC police parachuting in from the sky. Meanwhile Pete Rose is pretty much calling the entire Blue Jays roster pussies. I love how the other guys thought Pete Rose was gonna talk about how hard they were playing when he asked “Do these guys know what is on the line?” Nope he was getting ready to rip them a new asshole. The discussion continued with the other guys trying to explain concussion protocal to Rose and Rose basically saying you’d have to kill him to take him out of the game. The only thing I disagreed with him on was he called Frank Thomas tough. Bro Big Hurt was softest dude in the history of the game. Either way I need more Pete Rose in my life and I need it now.