Pure And Utter Domination


That picture pretty much says it all.  Adam Woodbury telling the haters to shut the fuck up.  What can’t that big guy do?  I’ve always been a fan of his.  Always.  Never said one bad word about him.  He might my favorite player after today.  What’s his ceiling?  Shaq is his prime?  Hakeem?  Zydrunas Ilgauskas?  As far as the game itself, Michigan never stood a chance.  They ran into a buzz saw at Carver today.  When Devyn gets hot there’s no stopping him.  Dropping 22 in the first half was pretty fucking awesome.  And if you didn’t jump outta your seat when he hit that three right before half you might not have a pulse.   Needed this win in a bad way.  And the train rolls on.