Guy Blasting Clay Pigeons With A Shotgun While In A Ferrari Doing Donuts Might Be My New Favorite Video Ever




So as I was watching the Presidents Cup in the am hours last night I was reminded of my favorite internet video ever. I was reminded of it because it involves Jack Nicklaus and he was part of the broadcast last night because the tournament is being played on a course he owns. I was also reminded of it because the video involves that dick bag Johnny Miller who was on the broadcast as well.


This is the video




It’s so good.  That would be a great video even if it involved no name people but it doesn’t.  It involves Jack Nicklaus, who has a reputation for being the best guy in the world, and Johnny Miller, who has a reputation for being a fucking asshole and condescending douche bag. It’s good triumphing over evil. Jack steps up and sinks a 100 foot putt in front of every one.  Embarrasses him the likes we haven’t seen since.


That was my favorite internet video maybe up until now. Up until I saw a man riding passenger in a Ferrari, doing donuts and blasting clay pigeons with a shotgun. Truly amazing stuff. That video is like if testicles had a brain and could think.  If testicles could come up with an idea, that’s it right there.  That’s the idea.  Pure masculinity and ego.  Lavish sports car?  Check. Guns?  Check.  Showmanship?  Check. I fucking love it. Remember when Mark Cuban and Pres talked about Hard Dick Parties? Well that right there is a Hard Dick Party.  The hardest dick party.



PS- The Jack Nicklaus video is still better but it’s close.