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Michael Bennett Said He Doesn't Like Matthew Stafford Because He's From Dallas And They Killed JFK, People Forget That

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Stay hot, Bennett brothers. Sunday you had Martellus comparing Jay Cutler to Jesus Christ and last night Michael declared he didn’t like Matthew Stafford because JFK was assassinated in Stafford’s home town back in 1963. Does it matter that Bennett and Stafford weren’t even close to alive when JFK was shot? Fuck no, just gotta find that motivation anyway you can, or say weird ass shit for attention. That works too, and I mean that honestly. The Bennett brothers have the market cornered on weird quotes that get picked up by the national media and if you don’t think that eventually makes them money then you don’t understand how the media and endorsements work. Get your name in people’s brains, anyway you can.





I did love Michael calling out his boss for not paying Kam Chancellor. Salary cap be damned, pay him, you’re the 17th richest man in the world!