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Dude Just Casually Doing Golf Trick Shots On A Boulder 3,000 Feet In The Air




I like this guy.  Every other time we see somebody standing on top of a giant rock they end up jumping off, spreading their flying squirrel wings and making a Red Bull commercial.  This guy?  Nah he’ll just hang out up there, do some golf trick shots and call it a day. There’s no need to be launching yourself off of mountain tops. In my opinion he’s a bigger daredevil than all of those other guys anyway.  Every time I try to dribble the golf ball in my front yard I do anything and everything to get the highest number possible.  That includes lunging violently in every direction to get the number into double digits.  He does that and he’s dead.  One wrong step in any direction and that dude is falling 3,000 feet and bouncing off a few jagged rocks on his way down.






(How many hours do you think you’ve spent trying and failing to recreate this commercial? I’d put the number in the hundreds)