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Florida Man Arrested For Holding Down His Girlfriend And Spraying Her With A Hose So That He Could "Show Off" To His Ex-Wife


CRESTVIEW – Lawmen say a man wanted to “show-off” to his ex-wife by spraying his current girlfriend with a water hose, then throwing her to the ground several times.

On March 9 the man, his girlfriend, and his ex-wife were at an Oak Terrace Drive residence sitting around a bonfire in the back yard. The victim told Crestview Police the man began to spray her with a water house in an attempt to “show-off” to his ex-wife. They struggled over the hose and the woman was thrown to the ground.

She retreated to the house, but the man followed and resumed throwing her around. When the man’s ex-wife tried to intervene, he pushed her too.

The woman fled to a family member’s house across the street. The man followed. While they were in the garage, the two fell into a washing machine and dryer, according to the arrest report. Family members separated the two.

Meanwhile, the woman’s son had called 911. When officers arrived the man refused to come out of the garage and had to be taken out. He refused to make a statement, except to say he didn’t hit anyone, and he wouldn’t let his photo be taken.

He was charged with domestic violence and will report to a judge on March 26.



Is it weird that I’m sort of impressed by this move? Like most people show off by bragging about something they have done in the past, or name dropping a famous person they know, or telling you how much money they make. All that sort of sucks. Who really cares. But holding your girlfriend down and spraying her with a water hose to get your ex wife in the mood? That’s sort of impressive right? Just the novelty of it really. Show me a girl that wouldn’t be insanely turned on by this and I’ll show you a lesbian. Hose spraying is primal, and it would make anyone horny as fuck.


Oh and this. “While they were in the garage, the two fell into a washing machine and dryer“. I don’t even know what this means. Just going to leave it alone all together.



Underrated funniest scene in the movie. You ok? Yeah.