Rush Limbaugh Is NOT Happy About Water On Mars, Convinced People Will Use It To Push Climate Change Agenda



A fucking Men, Rush. This is what I’m talking about. All these fake Oceans and ancient “flowing water” on Mars can get the fuck out of my Solar System. We’ve got water here, we’ve got so much water we don’t know what the fuck to do with it. 2/3rds of the Earth is water, what the hell do we need some old ass Martian Water buried underneath miles of rock for? Nothing, unless of course you’re one of those global warming people and need another reason to tell us to stop driving SUV’s, then I could see how the Martian water makes sense. Otherwise kick rocks, Nasa. Rush and I will be drinking so much water we drown.






Love that Rush was hammering the “unknown catastrophe” phrase over and over not even realizing that unknown doesn’t mean they didn’t know a catastrophe happened, it’s just unspecified what exactly that catastrophe was. Stay hot, Rush, stay hot.