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Lindsay Pelas Said She Is Officially "Over" Her Crush On JJ Watt So Thanks For Screwing That One Up, Dude





I know I’m hard on JJ Watt, some people think I’m even too hard, but this is just unacceptable. You can like JJ Watt for any reason you want, fool yourself into thinking he’s a super hero for all I care, but don’t you dare not puke on yourself over this. Lindsey Pelas throwing herself at JJ Watt, JJ Watt saying it’s so sad he can’t find a girlfriend or a fuck buddy, and then nothing. No DM, instagram message, text, nothing. And herein lies the problem. Why did JJ Watt not take Lindsey up on her offer? Because he can’t be associated with a chick like that, not with the fake persona he’s put out there, and that is when the house of cards come tumbling down. You can’t pretend to be holier than the whole world forever because eventually an Instagram model with enormous breasts will come along and ask you fuck and you’ll have to turn it down because you’ve been living a lie. Disgusting. I’m disgusted.




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