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When Doing A Live TV Report It's Best To Not Get Nudged Outta The Frame By A Moving Car



I used the word “nudged” on purpose in the title because I’ve seen this video on other sites and the titles are like “Reporter Gets Slammed By Car During News Spot” and “MAN’S LIMBS FLY EVERYWHERE WHEN HE’S HIT BY CAR” Take a chill pill, people.  Dude barely got touched. I’ve seen worse collisions between grocery carts.  If that’s getting hit by a car then that guy is a pussy and we’re all pussies for calling it that.  When I clicked on the link I expected the guy to go flying over the roof, blood cuddling screams from women and hopefully the guy being dead. That’s what I was promised and that’s not what I was given.  Sure we use hyperbole from time to time on this site but is nothing sacred? Let’s get one thing straight.  You promise me I’m gonna see a guy get hit by a car I better see a guy get hit by a fucking car. I better see compound fractures and gaping wounds that make you wanna puke. Not get promised a guy is gonna hit by a car then watch a car dry hump a reporter. That’s bull shit.