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How About These Dudes In Prison Boozing And Partying It Up Like It's A Night Club?

Daily Mail- Officials are investigating a shocking video that apparently shows drunken prisons having a raucous party in their cells. Footage of the celebration – allegedly a birthday party – shows convicts passing round what is thought to be home-brewed alcohol in a plastic container. They dance and cheer, many of them shirtless, in the cramped space, while several smoke suspicious cigarette-like items thought to contain dangerous legal highs. The footage emerged online this week. It has been circulated among former prisoners on the encrypted WhatsApp messaging service, and was then posted publicly on Facebook.  The post, made by a former inmate of Belmarsh in southeast London, was captioned: ‘This is how my lot roll in jail for my mans [sic] birthday big up the crew!’  It is not clear in which prison the recording was made – though a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said it was not Belmarsh.



Ain’t no party like a prison party cause a prison party don’t stop! At least until it’s lights out or somebody gets shanked.  I was gonna make fun of these guys because that is the definition of a sausage fest. Not a stitch of pussy in the whole joint.  Wall-to-wall dudes.  The least they could’ve done is sneak in a female prison guard to do some stripping.  If we’ve learned anything about female prison guards recently it’s that they’re willing to throw down if the dick is right.  But then I looked back on some high school parties I went to and they were almost a carbon copy of that prison party.  Just a bunch of dudes getting black out drunk and bumping to some tunes with no girls within 50 miles. Probably a whole lot more butt sex going on after that prison party but whatever. I have so many questions about that video but I’m not even sure I want the answers.  Where are the guards? Where’d they get the booze?  Where’d they get the cell phones?  How did the video get out? Who had control of the aux cord?  Then again this happened in Europe so who the fuck knows what goes on at those prisons. This might be par for the course over there. Party it up boys!