You Should Definitely Watch This Mini-Documentrary "Never Say Die" About Jason Day And His Story


I was already sold on Jason Day.  He’s just a likable dude. I might’ve liked him for stupid reasons like the way he talks and how he says, “Cheers mate” during post round interviews and how his son Dash is the golf version of Riley Curry.  Another part of it was that his wife is an attractive lady.  Those were shallow reasons to like Day.  Now I have a whole bunch of other, deeper reasons to like the guy.  I had always heard that Jason had an incredible story but I never took the effort to look into.  I wish I had done it sooner but that Never Say Die mini-documentray was AWESOME.  I’m all hopped up on motivation and coffee right now after watching that.  Always fun to root for a guy who came from nothing.  Always easy to root for a guy who comes from tragedy. It’s even more fun to root for a guy whose dreams are realized and he actually becomes a success. Jason is all of those things.  Jason isn’t only a success but he’s part of a young crop of guys who we’re gonna be watching for years, and possibly decades, to come. Jason Day and his story just made it a lot more fun to root for the guy. More so than Rory, Jordan and Rickie. Everybody loves an underdog.