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Get Fired Up For The Philadelphia Union Playing For The US Open Cup Final Tonight At Home Against Sporting KC

You can knock Philly sports all you want but the one thing you can’t knock the city’s teams on is their ability to churn out fire hype video after fire hype video. I don’t care if you watched every Union game this season or a total of zero minutes, if you can’t get fired up after listening to Rocky talk over images of last year’s heartbreak against Seattle and then the beautiful screaming voice of Steven Tyler then I don’t know what to tell you. You must be dead inside or something.

I love the #UnfinishedBusiness movement this team has taken on. Everyone knew they were the underdogs last year when they played against Seattle in the final at home. But the Union to a 1-0 lead going into halftime and the stadium was rocking. Then the 2nd half got underway and Seattle got to celebrate a 3-1 championship win on our turf. But now the Union have clawed their way back to the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup final yet again and have a chance to redeem themselves at PPL Park. I’ve said this before but if you’re in the area, going to a Union game is the best bang for your buck. The atmosphere is incredible and it’ll completely change your mind on the sport if you’re not a huge soccer fan. Tonight’s match up certainly wouldn’t make for a horrible first experience either.

So here’s to hoping that the Pope left a little magic behind and that we can DOOP our asses off tonight.

P.S. – Philly vs Kansas City. Winner keeps the rights to Kacie McDonnell forever.