Section 10 Podcast Episode 23: Fire Flames With KFC

On Episode 23 of the Section 10 Podcast, we’ve got your boy KFC as our guest. Before we get into the interview, we talk about the Red Sox hiring Mike Hazen as their new general manager, Mookie Betts’ home run-robbing catch last week, and if Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez will still be here once the 2016 season starts. Once we get KFC on the phone, we go through how he ended up at Barstool, how hard his decision was to leave his full-time job to dive into the blog life, what Barstool was like when he started compared to how it is now, how much he influenced that change, if he enjoys podcasting or blogging more, and it wouldn’t be a KFC podcast without a little baby talk and some Mets talk. All that, and more. Oh, and the interview was cut short because KFC’s fire alarm went off, hence the title. So Barstool it hurts.