This Girl Trying An Insane Circus Trick Involving A Flip Off A See-Saw Onto A Chair Took A Nasty Spill


It took me a second to figure out why this video stuck with me when I was looking around for something to blog. It’s obviously a crazy video and it’s good that the girl escaped with only minor injuries (at least according to the Liveleak uploader and those seem like a reputable group of gentlemen who enjoy lots of videos involving death and naked people on drugs). But I think what I took away from this video is that no matter how good you are at what you do, how great of an effort you put in, how perfectly everything you’re in control of ends up going, there’s still a decent chance someone else will screw up and ruin all your hard work. This girl flipped her little heart out, landed where exactly where she needed to, and still almost ended up eating out of a tube because someone screwed up and held the thing incorrectly or forgot a piece of tape. Maybe it’s just a project at work for you and not a backflip off a see-saw onto a chair being held up by paper towel tubes but in some ways we all have been this poor Russian lady. It’s tragic in how relatable it is all around.


Also this just goes to show you how far Russian craftsmanship has fallen. Can’t even get a good flipping chair up on a stick twenty feet in the air any more without breaking your spine. And people say Putin’s a real leader. The people are entitled to the basics, Vlad.