I Enjoyed This James Bond/Ronnie Pickering Mash Up More Than I Should've



ICYM the original video from yesterday




I can’t escape Ronnie Pickering.  I blogged about him yesterday and thought that was gonna be that.  Just an old English guy challenging a motorcyclist to a fight and asking him “Do you know who I am?” despite not being famous or important.  I laughed because I’ll always laugh at people with English accents screaming at each other.  Well people are obsessed with Ronnie Pickering today.  He’s fucking everywhere. I spend every waking hour of my days on the internet and everywhere I go now Ronnie Pickering is all up in my face.  Starting with that James Bond mash up which I loved.  Here’s the thing though, I love it because I love Ronnie Pickering despite knowing about him for less than 24 hours. Every time the car pulls up in the video above and he’s got that look on his face, I lose it. Every time he screams “Ronnie Pickering!” I giggle. I don’t understand it but I do. And apparently the rest of the internet feels that way too.


Here is every Ronnie Pickering internet mash up I could find.  They’re everywhere.  Enjoy.






Rush Hour








John Cena




Christina Perri