The Table Of Contents From David Spade's New Book Might Actually Get Me To Read A Book For The First Time In Years

I haven’t read a book in forever. I’d say there is a strong correlation between the founding of Twitter and me reading books. It’s literally impossible for me to turn off my brain and mind long enough to read a book. Part of it has to do with being a blogger- I have to always be on the lookout for RG3 tearing his ACL, a reporter making fun of fat people, etc. But David Spade could get me to actually purchase and read a book. I’m a big David Spade guy, big 90’s SNL guy, and if he’s including chapters on Farley, hookers, and the time he did too much coke, well I’m sold*.


* By I’m sold I mean I’ll buy the book at the airport in October and not read a page on the flight. That’s my move. “This is the time I read a book” I tell myself before drinking at the airport bar and sleeping the entire flight wherever I’m going.