JJ Watt Wishing His Grandma A Happy 98th Birthday On Twitter Is So JJ Watt It Hurts




This is one of my absolute top 5 pet peeves in my life right now. People who wish their grandmothers or parents happy birthday or happy mothers day when they damn well know that the person they are talking to isn’t on social media. Like what the fuck is the point of this tweet other than for JJ Watt to suck his own dick and have people say what a great guy he is. Dude probably didn’t even call his Grandmother to wish her a happy birthday.  Hell that chick probably isn’t even really Watt’s grandmother.  Probably just borrowed some old lady for this photo opp.  His real granny probably sitting around hoping people remember to send a card or call her.  Hey JJ go to her fucking nursing home, eat some Sheppard’s Pie, watch Matlock and get out of here with this shit. That’s how you wish your grandmother a happy birthday.