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Bride And Groom Do A Lightsaber Fight Instead Of First Dance

Well this is one for the ages. The cutest moment of all was when they dedicated this Lightsaber fight to their deceased fathers. Because there is no fucking way either dad was at this wedding or this shit would be happening. Can you imagine you’re that dude’s father? Or even worse you’re her father and you might be paying for this whole shebang? And they wanna do this shit instead of just waddling back and forth for a couple minutes to Earth Angel or something? GTFOH. First dance formula is simple:

1) Pick classic song and/or a song that she wants (this mantra applies to 99% of wedding planning)

2) Waddle back and forth like its a middle school dance. Dont going doing the ballroom dancing stuff. You cant do that so you’ll look dumb

3) One Twirl

4) One dip


Nobody wants to watch you up there for like 5 minutes. And NOBODY wants to watch you have a shitty lightsaber fight. Emphasis on the word shitty. I kinda wanna see you have an awesome lightsaber fight. If these motherfuckers were slicing arms off and doing flips and shit I’d be down with it. Put just clanking your sticks together for 4 minutes sucks.

And not for nothin, but this chick would absolutely kill that dude in a real lightsaber fight. Not even counting the fact that he got too cocky and went behind the back and dropped his weapon and she probably would have taken his head off right then and there. Just the whole fight in general. That chick is just a better lightsaber fighter than him. Period. Shes hotter than you, which is good for you brotha. But the fact that she could probably beat you in a duel kind of erases that. Tough break.

PS – If you could make one thing a reality, would it be hoverboards or lightsabers? I suppose hoverboard would be the more practical choice but having a lightsaber and carrying it on you at all times would be sick.