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Study Playlists On Barstool Beats

It’s been a while for the kid but I’m pretty sure the first round of tests and papers are hitting right about now, so survive your library sessions with the best study playlists from Barstool Beats, and while you’re at it download the app.

Get Deep - Best study playlist ever; deep house, trance, techno, etc.



Top 50 Songs of Summer – Still the most popular playlist on the site right now


#Mailtime Music – Every Mailtime intro song ever


Is It Friday Yet? – Maybe my favorite playlist I’ve made, guaranteed to get you through


Performance Enhancing Beats – Second best study playlist ever, all kinds of indie rock

PerformanceEnhancingBeats_playlist_2Or Nah – Freshly updated roundup of the hottest r&b tracks on the planet

Or_NahDose Of Dopeness – Best new rap playlist on the internet