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Kid Interferes During A Fight And Gets WALLOPED By An All-Time Sucker Punch


He deserved it.  He did.  You know it and I know it.  Sucker punches aren’t cool but neither is stepping in during a fight and teaming up on a kid because he’s winning. They’re both in the wrong.  The kid shouldn’t be sucker punching fools into a different time period but the other guy shouldn’t be stepping in when it’s clearly a one-on-one fight The wrongness of a sucker punch gets cancelled out when it’s due to a person stepping in.  Your buddy starts to lose?  Tough shit. Hold the paper towels up to his nose once it’s over but don’t step in and start kicking the other guy.  Let them work it out.  Also not to laugh at another person’s misfortune/concussion but the kid with the bloody nose standing up then immediately having to sit back down was laugh out loud funny.  “Yeah yeah I’m fine. It’s cool. I’m okay despite the waterfall of blood pouring out of my nose. I can stand up. Nope I can’t.” Lesson learned I guess.


Flip side, even though I never condone an outside person stepping into a one-one-one fight, if you’re wearing grey skinny jeans you kind of deserve to get your ass kicked right?