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Tearjerker Commercial Showdown - Budweiser Horse vs Subaru Dog, Who Ya Got?

Budweiser Horse Ad


Subaru Dog commercial


So after spending the last 4 days sitting on the couch watching basketball I feel like I have watched about 10 million commercials. All basically the same shitty, meaningless, out of touch ads. Like if I have to hear about the Unicorn Apocalypse one more time I may murder myself. But with that said, these two commercials are the ones that continually get me. Every time they run it gets a little dusty in my apartment (Oh Big Cat, you cry bro? you’re so gay, only gay dudes cry). Gun to my head I’m going with the dog commercial. Every time I see it I think about my dog getting old and then I get super depressed. I don’t own a horse and I don’t think I ever will so that commercial just doesn’t hit home quite the same way.


So let’s vote.

1 for Horse commercial because you’re a horse guy and remember how sad Tony Soprano was when his horse died and 10 for dog commercial because a dog getting old is just about the saddest thing in the world.

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The winner of the commercial I don’t want to see anymore goes to this one. Mustache? You’re talking about mustaches? Hey lady, you have a fucking dude haircut, you’re the last person who gets to be picky about questionable hair choices. Only way that look is in style is if you put out on the first date.