Melo Officially Ready For The Season After Losing To A 6-Year Old In Knockout

poppp1342 Carmelo Anthony moved casually around the court at Baruch College on Sunday afternoon, almost effortlessly firing up shot after shot in competition with the campers until he finally missed — and got knocked out by a kid who didn’t measure up to Anthony’s waist.

He smiled and afterward still declared, “I’m back.”


Ahhh, it’s so nice to have the Knicks back in my life again.  As a Mets/Giants/Knicks fan “gypsy” (KFC’s words, not mine), I have a very unique mix of teams that I root for. The Mets are like Bart Simpson, always fucking up and embarrassing me. The Giants are clearly Lisa Simpson, boring and a little annoying sometimes, but they always make you proud in the end. And the Knicks are Maggie Simpson, just quietly sucking in the background.  So with Bart/the Mets actually getting their head on straight this season, I needed a dose of normalcy back in my life.

And after a summer of failing to set the high-fives record on a kid’s show and calling out fans that question if he is elite, Melo has already brought us Knicks fans the first lowlight of the season. And I’m not even mad, I’m impressed. Can you imagine if MJ or Kobe were beaten by a kid while they were still (kinda) in their primes? The kid wouldn’t be alive by the three-man-weave practice later that day.  Instead Melo just shakes it off and gets ready to sulk for another year as he collects his millions at MSG.  Luckily Phil drafted the Great Latvian Hope as the Knicks run out what remains of the half-decade contract Melo signed.  #KNICKSTAPS