What's Crazier - The Fact Matt Williams Is Managing The Nats Today, Or The Fact He Can Bring In Papelbon To Pitch If He So Desires?

I’ve written many blogs about why Matt Williams should be fired, and why he should have been fired months ago. To summarize- he’s a bad decision maker, doesn’t understand how to manage a bullpen, and isn’t liked by anyone on the team. But when they didn’t fire him midway through the season, or after the debacle that was the Mets series (the first one they got swept), it was clear he was going to survive the season. Now, after yesterday’s dugout fight between Harper and Papelbon, what’s crazier- the fact Matt is still coming back, or the fact Papelbon is available to pitch?

What is the Nats organization doing? You have a closer who is the most hated player in the league. And not hated in a good way. Hated in a despised by teammates, coaches, and fans way. And then you have Matt Williams, who is the worst manager in the league, a complete bonehead, and doesn’t have control of his clubhouse, nor the respect. How is it even possible he didn’t know what happened in his own dugout between two of his players? Is the dugout the size of fucking labyrinth with man-eating goblins throughout? Is that why he didn’t know his star player had Papelbon’s hands around his neck just 10 feet away?

They are playing a 3:05 game today and both of those jabronis, as of me writing this blog, are set to show up as if it’s all good in the hood. Nats need to cut their losses. Give Matt Williams an early round of golf, and pay Papelbon his 11 million dollars to get the fuckkkkkk out of Washington. Trading for him was a mistake, as was keeping Matt Williams as manager all season. Now consider the fact BOTH are arriving at the park today, absolutely blows your mind into a million pieces.