The New Movement On On Instagram Is The Anti Thigh Gap: #Thighbrow

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TodayIt’s getting leggy, at least on social media that is. The latest trend taking over Instagram is all about loving your legs. With thigh gap mania (thankfully) come and gone, there’s a new trend in town that embraces those of us who don’t have a model-esque figure. Say hello to the #thighbrow! So, what is it exactly? The thighbrow is that little crease you get between your upper thigh and torso when you bend your leg. In order to even get a thigh brow, you need to have at least some curves. Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and the Kardashian sisters have been rocking their thighbrows in bathing suits this summer, inspiring a trend that’s filled social media with photos of women confidently sporting those creases themselves.

Thighbrows! AKA The Niykee Heaton Special. Creases are important, I won’t lie. I can get down with “thighbrows” but the most important crease on a woman’s body is the bottom of her butt cheeks.


But these thighbrows are cool. My only problem with it is the article going along with it. Acting how its all empowering and shit. First of all they say “In order to even get a thigh brow, you need to have at least some curves.” and the first picture they show is Kendall Jenner who is supermodel-rail thin. I mean here’s the thing – none of this is really empowering or whatever the fuck you want to call it. Thigh gap thighbrows who gives a shit. Guys just want to see your ass and thighs in little to no clothes. Lets not pretend that Kylie Jenner in a high waisted bikini on a yacht bending her legs is fucking Rosie the Riveter ok? Lets not act like this is advancing women’s rights. Guys wanna see slutty pictures of chicks legs. I dont care if theres a gap or a crease. I dont care if you’re a fitness model or a little bit thicker. Just dont be fat and take slutty pictures on instagram. Then you get all the attention you want and guys get the pictures they want and everyone is happy.

Thats the latest movment – #DontBeFatAndTakeSluttyPicturesOnInstagram