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Here's The Don Orsillo Tribute That NESN Didn't Want You To See





Carrabis posted this late last night and in an update, so I wanted to get it up here again and make sure no one missed it. The fact that NESN outright refused to air it, juxtaposed with this article from Gordon Edes is really a mind boggling picture. Edes’ piece, an excellent one, paints a vivid picture of an extremely beloved and kind hearted man who never wanted to do anything but call Red Sox games. Everyone he talked to loved him, be they Red Sox employees or old ladies in Medford who had only met him through their TV set.


But the way NESN has treated him, like he was a piece of dirt, is truly amazing. I’m not sure it will ever make sense to anyone, not sure we’ll ever really understand. Because the guy in that article deserved better. The most insane thing I’ve heard in this whole situation, I read in that article: the San Diego Padres, who will be hiring Don, knew that he was gonna get fired months before he did. So NESN and the Red Sox were just chatting about it like it was nothing, never caring who heard or how their longtime and loyal employee would find out. That’s truly bizarre and, frankly, disgusting.


But it’s what I’ve come to expect from NESN. Not just through the Orsillo saga, but from other ex-employees. They’ve never treated the people who work there with respect and it doesn’t look like they’re ever going to start. Hopefully Don gets that which he deserves in San Diego.