NFL Monday Morning Rewind - AFC

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Let’s do it.



Colts 35, Titans 33


We were THIS close to getting the official “Andrew Luck sneaky kind of sucks” bandwagon on the road. THIS close. 2 interceptions in back to back possessions to start the second half.

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A 27-14 deficit, and then good old Andy showed up (with a lot of help from the Indy Defense).



Also if you had the Colts -3 you went on a Roller Coaster. Up 14-0, put the bet in the win column, down 27-14, put it in the loss column, up 35-27, back in the win column, and then of course in the most predictable play of all time, the Titans score a touchdown and don’t convert the 2 point conversion resulting in a 2 point Colts win and loss ATS. At least the Titans tried on the 2 point conversion, just kidding it was the worst play ever.




Swag City.


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And Chuck Pagano is officially the new Dick Vermeil “I will cry at any given moment for no reason whatsoever” NFL Head Coach.



HUGE Week 3 win against a rookie Quarterback. One of those wins you remember forever and ever.



Raiders 27, Browns 20








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Shit some more

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Shit again

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And one more time.

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2 other notes about this game.



Amari Cooper is a beast and the Nickname AC/DC with David Carr is awesome, just awesome enough to get enough hype and never win a Super Bowl, but still awesome. Chris Berman doing one of his sit down “serious voice” interviews with the 2 of them on Countdown by Week 8 at the latest.



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2. This is one of those games where I expect to get fan fight videos for the next 3 weeks. Just every few days another one pops up on youtube. If we don’t then they’ve failed us all.


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Bengals 28, Ravens 24

The most exciting game of the day saw 4 lead changes in the last 9 minutes of action. The 2 best being the strip sack and score




Immediately followed by AJ Green with an 80 yard touchdown catch.



“Where did this all go wrong?”

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“Hmmm, I like this screen, but I REALLY like this bubble screen, tough call”

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.52.17 PM



“We’re 0-3 for the first time in franchise history? Are you fucking kidding me???”


Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.13.31 AM



“Yup, Bubble screen it is, let’s  go with the bubble screen, final answer, I think”


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.52.17 PM



Weird is the new normal.

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Real talk for a second, I don’t like the Ravens but I will absolutely miss Steve Smith Sr. So much fun to watch every single Sunday. No one quite like him in the NFL. And no I didn’t say this just because I’m scared to death of him even though we’ve never met.



Jaguars 17, Patriots 51


The Patriots are very good.


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Tom Brady is very very good.

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This guy who dressed up as the Pope and went to an NFL game is very very very weird

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And of course, Tally it up.


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Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.22.11 AM




Eagles 24, Jets 17


Brandon Marshall just out there making things happen! #NoEgos




Basically pulling a Reggie Bush USC moment where he just says fuck it and stops using his brain.



Turns out Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a very good quarterback, you guys.

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BUT he did go to Harvard, and people forget that.



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Try Hard or delicious or both?



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Just hanging out with some queso.


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Buccaneers 9, Texans 19


Oh shit bro, so tough.

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Just remember, however bad your Monday is going at least you aren’t Kyle


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This has nothing to do with this game but when I looked up Kyle Brindza on twitter this came up so alright then.




Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.03.03 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.02.54 AM


Bills 41, Dolphins 14


Quite the eventful game in Miami. The Dolphins suck. Bills Mafia is back.


Warren Buffett is a weirdo


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Rex reclaimed his swagger.


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Richie got revenge


“Hey man, not for nothing but I’d love to shit in your mouth whenever you have a free moment”


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Ryan Tannehill is who we thought he was.





Dolphins fans never disappoint





And Brent Grimes wife got arrested for headbutting a Cop. Nice little Sunday.