NFL Monday Morning Rewind - NFC

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Falcons 39, Cowboys 28


Brandon Weeden is back!!!






But wait a second, at least he has the game awareness of a veteran.


Shit. Well Romo was there at least, and he smiled!



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And that’s about all I have to say about the Cowboys. If you bet them, like I did, this was an EXCRUCIATING game. Up big early, running the ball well, and then it all fell apart in a matter of minutes. Julio Jones can not be covered, I’m convinced of this.

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Good luck with that.


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Saints 22, Panthers 27



Captain try hard reporting for duty sir.



I really think we all need to sit back and think about how incredible it was to have 2 McCowns starting on an NFL Sunday. Special stuff. Doesn’t exactly make you confident.

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But special none the less.



And to be honest Luke actually played pretty well. No touchdowns but he was 31 for 38 and 308 yards. Needed just a little extra juice on the end of the game Hail Mary but otherwise I was impressed.




Your Defense, bro.

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In case you ever find yourself in a suit fighting a naval war, Cam has you covered.



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Chargers 14, Vikings 31


You know how every week there is one game that you can’t remember a single play from. It’s the Red Zone black hole game. Either it’s a blow out from the start or the teams rarely get in the Red Zone so you just sort of forget it happened. Well that was the Vikings this week. I think I remember Adrian Peterson doing something at some point, yup he did, there it is.





Steelers 12, Rams 6


So let’s see, what could have gone wrong for the Rams on Sunday. Well let’s start with everything.



Their turf was on fire, literally.



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They had to pull out a shop vac that was 30 years old, proving to everyone that nothing nice exists in St. Louis



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Big Ben got injured

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Be strong for me Ben! Big boy face!!!


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Michael Vick came in and Michael Vick is about 50.


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They forgot how to catch the football.




And Nick Foles sucks


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Which leads us to……



“Shhhhh, quiet down, I told you already, I tried not to shit my pants Sunday but it happens every time, next question”.


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Bonus, Jeffy Hollywood, diaper boy.


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49ers 7, Cardinals 47


Never forget.



“Colin Kaepernick he has the chance to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, OF ALL TIME”








Swag too hard and you’re gonna get someone pregnant, Goose.


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Oh yeah, I see it now, I fucking suck.


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The return of the GOAT


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Bears 0, Seahawks 26



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I know


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I really really know.



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Small victory? No turnovers and Jay’s hair was amazing.



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Alright, yeah, forget it, this is a disaster.


Broncos 24, Lions 12



I’ve run out of gas, so I’ll make this quick.

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As long as the Lions keep employing a dead person they probably will continue to suck.

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