Too Little, Too Late - The Worst 24-17 Blow Out Ever


Every called a trap game. Everyone saw it coming. I thought things would be different under a new regime. And they werent. In a lot of ways they were even worse. And by the time things got slightly cooking, it was too late.

In the first half they were flat out MASSACRED in every facet of the game. Offense, defense and special teams, all outplayed. From the 5 missed tackles on the worst punt return TD I’ve ever seen to Fitzpatrick under and over throwing balls all day with a billion tipped passes and bad INTs, to Brandon Marshall with literally the worst play in NFL history, it was a Jets embarrassment. Stupid challenges, stupid penalties, bad turnovers. Everyone top to bottom took a dump on the field today at Metlife in that first half. Worst part is, it could have been WAY worse. Two dropped passes by Matthews and Sproles that would have absolutely been touchdowns could have made this game go from average blowout to completely mortifying blowout all before they hit the locker room.

The second half was an improvement. I guess. The offense salvaged a couple scoring drives and somehow, someway, it was MIRACULOUSLY a 1 score game. Credit the Eagles leaving the door wide open more than the Jets storming back, but no matter how you cut it, it was too little, too late. The door was left open with a couple takeaways late in the game, and were given right back. At the end of the day 24-17 doesnt look terrible but make no mistake this was a humbling game. Yea they were missing 2 of their top receivers and Ivory aint all right but still no excuse for that dump of a performance in the first half. Just cant dig yourself that deep of a hole.

Silver lining, glass half full, they didnt quit. They fought to the bitter end. Actually had a chance to sneak out a W despite playing like SHIT if they didnt give back those late turnovers. Forget about it and move on to fucking Old England to worry about the first divisional game of the year. 5-1 heading into New England. Runners up in the Week 3 Super Bowl.