The Only Thing Sadder Than Mark Wahlberg Speaking In Philly At The Pope's Mass Will Be The Jets Crushing The Birds Today

Mark Wahlberg, Philly? For real? Thats the best you could do? At least they didnt get Sylvester Stallone, right? I mean at least the character Mark Wahlberg played was based on a real life Eagle. Nothing like trotting out a diehard Boston fan up there in front of the goddam Pope to joke about Ted and give a half ass “Go Eagles.” Philadelphia…what a city. Participation trophy for them for just being a part of the United States I guess.

And a participation trophy for the Eagles today after the Jets put one more nail in their coffin. 0-3 would be the final nail if it werent for them playing the NFC East. Revis is in. Ivory in. Decker unfortunately out. That sucks but a chance for Devin Smith to show us what he’s made of. Maybe Kerley gets out of the doghouse. Demarco Murray inactive for the Eagles which SUCKS. Huge blow for the Jets. I was banking on another 3 or 4 yard game for Demarco.

None of this will really matter when Sam Bradford is a deer in headlights all game long with the front 7 absolutely STEAMROLLING the shitty Eagles O Line. Of all the front 7s you go up against, the Jets are the last one you wanna face when your offensive line is having problems. Its gonna be a bloodbath for Sammie Sweatheart today.

Best part is you know all of Philly was praying with the Pope this week for a Eagles win. Not even the Pope can save you losers now.