Pats Vs. Jags “Today Will Show Whether The Pats Are Officially In 19-0 Kill Mode All Season Long ” Live Blog





On the outside looking in today seems like a bye week for the Pats. The Jags are in town and there is a better shot that darkness doesn’t arrive tonight than the Pats losing this game. Hell the First Lady is making me go to a 1 year old birthday party and I didn’t even fight it that much because today’s outcome is a formality. However there is some intrigue. Typically this is a week where the Pats will throw in a clunker and only win by like a TD or 10 points. They’ll muddle through a half and look sloppy because they just can’t get up for today’s opponent. But I’m not so sure that is gonna happen today. I think the Pats may be in “KILL EVERYBODY” mode. It doesn’t matter whether you’re innocent or not everybody must be murdered for the sins committed by Roger Goodell and the Colts. So that’s what I’m curious to see today. If the Pats win by 30 or more I think you can pencil in 19-0 and I’m going to book my trip to SF already. If they only win by 10 a 14-2 or 15-1 season is still a possibility.