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Brent Seabrook Signs 8 Year Extension With The Blackhawks



At 30 years-old, this 8 year deal ensures that Brent Seabrook will play his entire career with the Chicago Blackhawks. One of the core leaders and now a captain, Seabrook definitely deserved an extension. The fact that he only got a 1 million dollar raise feels like a hometown discount. He’s a premier defenseman. All-Star, Gold medalist, and he’s as clutch as it gets.  The rare defenseman that excels in all areas and all phases. He would definitely get more than this on the open market, but I’ve already seen people throwing shade on this deal. The Cap is a fluid situation. Bickell will be off the books soon. As will Garbutt and Daley. There will be money for Turbo and hopefully Dano and Panarin if they deserve it. The Dynasty will continue to reign for the forseeable future. IN STAN WE TRUST


PS: It would not surprise me if Seabrook sees his #7 hanging in the rafters someday. He certainly owns that number more than Chelios at this point.