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Good News - Mike Dunleavy Had Successful Back Surgery, Bad News - Mike Dunleavy Apparently Needed Back Surgery?

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Talk about a Friday afternoon news dump. Update on Mike Dunleavy, he had successful back surgery and will be back in 6-8 weeks, oh I’m sorry, did we not tell you Mike Dunleavy was going in for back surgery? Whoops, well anyway, have a good weekend guys!



Just so bizarre. Obviously not huge news because the season hasn’t even started but weird stuff nonetheless. And if you don’t think Gar and Pax are somehow blaming this on Thibs and his practice schedule then you don’t know this Front Office.




Oh by the way, this means one thing and one thing only. Buckets, McBuckets. Gonna show up to the UC opening night with a T-Shirt cannon and shoot out the 300 of these that went unsold. Let’s Go!



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