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Update On Patrick Kane Case - DA Says Case Is Still Ongoing And Rape Kit Bag Tampering Story Was Untrue



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The Press Conference is till going on as I type this but basically the important information has been said. The case is still open and the story about tampering was untrue and fabricated by the mother of the accuser. The DA said as far as they know at this moment the accuser had nothing to do with the mother’s story and the case will proceed in light of yesterday’s news. So basically what was a mess continues to be a mess and we wait and see where the next turn takes us. This quote was also relevant. DA said that they are still trying to find out if this will go to Grand Jury.



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By the way District Attorney just gave a lesson on how to run a press conference. Showed up with a power mustache and a literal rule book that he wrote back in 2012 and then cited it throughout on how to deal with these cases. Never been more impressed in my life.


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