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Nothing Like A Good Old Fashion Brawl At A High School Drill Team Dance Off


One of the things I really missed out on by going to a predominantly white high school was not having a Drill Team or a Step Team. We just had a bunch of cheerleaders who did the same cheers every single game and would never once have the lady balls to challenge the other team’s cheerleaders to a cheer off. But that’s just what big time high school football in Texas is like, I guess. Just a bunch of bitches wild n’ out. Doesn’t matter if there’s no more time left on the game clock, these broads are still gon’ get to battling regardless. And once it’s on, oh well you best believe me honey that it. is. on.

First off, this move sucked. If you’re gonna be the first one to step up in a battle, you better bring some heat. You gotta set the tone for the entire battle or else you’re dead right off the bat. I don’t even know what this was but I know for a fact that shit was weak. Which explains the dagger thrown by precious immediately after.

What a power move. I audibly gasped when I saw it. The turn, the hair whip, it was perfect. That’s how you put a bitch in her place during a battle. The only move she had left was to bop her in the back of the head and then that’s when I immediately became jealous that my high school experience was nothing at all like this. Need more Drill Team Battles in my life and need them now.


Gotta love how shocked these two white reporters were that there were no black people arrested as a result of this video.