There Are NO Obstructed Views For Our Islanders Barstool At The Barclays Outings - Just Unlimited Beer

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.58.45 PM

So there was a little bit of hubbub today about the sight lines at the Barclays Center when it comes to Islanders games. Unfortunately there are some seats that cut off the corners of the rink here and there. Its a product of sharing the stadium with a basketball franchise and not being completely perfect for a hockey game. Personally, I dont think its the end of the world, there are often a lot of angles on a baseball diamond you cant see. But I understand its a different sport and I understand you hockey maniacs want your hockey consumed in pristine fashion. Which is why I sprung for non obstructed view seats. They offered the obstructed view ones for cheaper. I said “No. Nothing but the best for my Islanders Stoolies.” So you do not have to worry obstructed views. I repeat, no obstructed views.

What you do have to worry about is making sure you get as many beers as possible before the 2nd intermission alcohol cut off. The deals for the ticket include a voucher for unlimited beer from doors to cut off, and you’ll get an $11 food voucher to make whatever combo of meal you’d like.

Bruins 10/23 – $115 – Unlimited beer + free meal – Click here to buy

Blues 12/4 – $95 – Unlimited beer + free meal – Click here to buy