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This Baby Lion Needs To Step Up His Roar Game In A Big Way



Pusssssssssssssssssy.  What the fuck was that?  King of the jungle my ass.  More like queen of the jungle. Boom.  Sexist like you read about.  I’ve been more scared of house cats.  Take a roaring class or some shit bud.  I mean was that adorable?  Fuck yeah it was but adorable doesn’t keep you at the top of the food chain.  Adorable gets your lung rips.  Adorable gets your species knocked down a few pegs.  Adorable turns you into a house pet instead of a carnivorous monster who everybody is afraid of.  Where is pops at to teach his son a lesson in roaring?  This is on the parents in my opinion.  It’s their responsibility to raise him right.  He better hope we caught him on a bad day or the lion’s time atop the throne is in trouble.


That video kinda made me think of the scene in Lion King where Mufasa dies and now my week is completely ruined.