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Terry Bradshaw Says The St Louis Rams Are "100%" Moving..The Only Question Is Where?

I’ve been following this story for quite a while, mostly because I’m more interested in that ridiculous stadium they are planning on building out in LA. Back in January I blogged that the Rams owner is privately funding his own stadium, meanwhile the Raiders and/or Chargers are looking at moving into this ridiculous stadium in LA as well.

Will there be 2 new stadiums in LA? Will there be 3 teams, up from the current 0? Is this a power play by the Rams owner Stan Kroenke to get them to build him a new stadium in St Louis? All are possibilities. My vote is move the team. The Rams are due for a move to LA. Of course they won’t stay there forever, nobody ever does. But it’s been a while since LA has had the Rams. Then maybe 10 years down the road St. Louis will build them a new stadium and they’ll fly back to middle america and stay there for another 20 years before moving to LA again. Circle of life.

Do not, however, rule out a team in Europe. You know czar Goodell wants to cement his legacy as the guy who put an NFL team in London. And guess what? I kind of hate myself for this, but I’m all about it. 10am football games on the East coast sounds like a dream. 10, 1, 4:25, 8. Churches would move everything to Saturdays. I never want the Super Bowl over there, but I’m certainly not opposed to having an early game every week.