100% True Completely Confirmed Twitter Rumors - Lane Kiffin OUT At Alabama After Either Fighting Nick Saban, Sleeping With His Daughter, Sleeping With A Booster's Wife, Or Maybe Even All Three (Allegedly)

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God I love the internet. Twitter basically exploding over the past hour with Alabama rumors – that Lane Kiffin is done at Alabama. That he got in a fist fight with Nick Saban. That he slept with Nick Saban’s daughter (possibly explaining the fist fight?). That he slept with a booster’s wife. Honestly my money is on all three. I think it was a threesome with Saban’s daughter and a booster’s wife and Saban’s wife was FILMING it. Nick found out and hit him with a haymaker right to the jaw, like any dad/husband/coach would. Hey maybe I should tweet that, give it some legs. That’s what Twitter is for right?

Not since Jay Wright was about to step down from Villanova for getting a coed pregnant 9 years in a row has the internet had such a locked in dead true rumor circulating.