Alexis Ren And Her Dumb Boyfriend Had a Very Similar Summer As You And I

Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? I’ve always disliked the word “hater”, but yes, I’m a “hater” now. That was outrageous. I get it, my life sucks and yours is awesome. 5 minutes of private jets to exotic locations to jump off cliffs and then fuck Alexis Ren til the sun comes up. Rinse and repeat. What did I do with my Summer? You’re looking at it. I blogged. Even though nothing happens during the Summer and the boss was galavanting around Nantucket like he owns the joint. And what did you do? Ask for 5 vacation days from your boss so you can spend time with your fat wife and stupid kids? Or maybe you’re in college and you worked at Olive Garden so you can pay for $400 text books that you’ll never open. Life sucks.

Oh and she’s so hot.