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D-Rose Says Only God Knows When He'll Be Ready To Come Back


DEERFIELD, Ill. — Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose said Thursday he still doesn’t have a return date in mind, despite the fact less than a month remains in the regular season.

How much do the Bulls miss Derrick Rose? With the electrifying guard commanding most of the minutes at the point since his arrival, the Bulls’ PG PER rose from 21st in 2007-08 to first in 2010-11. With Rose on the bench this season the Bulls rank 16th. Difference between offensive and defensive PER for Bulls point guards:“It could be tomorrow and I feel like I could play the next game,” said Rose, who tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee during the playoffs last year. “Nobody knows but God.”Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said Rose was most likely out for Thursday night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers.Rose said in a February interview with USA Today that he was in the “high 80s” as far as being back to 100 percent healthy, but he did not want to put a percentage on his health after Thursday’s shootaround.“I really don’t know right now,” Rose said. “I don’t want to place no percentage on it, but I just know that I’m close and I’m taking every day serious and just becoming a professional.”Rose, 24, reiterated that he had no date in mind after which he would consider it too late to come back this season. He tore his left ACL on April 28 and underwent surgery on May 12.I feel like this is progress. You know how when you were a little kid and you would ask your dad for something and he would say “only if your mother says its ok”, and you knew that you had to put on your best little kid smile and ask in the nicest way. That it was maybe a long shot to get what you wanted but at least you had a person that could be the final decider. So much better than a flat out “no”. Well that’s how I feel with this. All this time we’ve been looking to doctor’s, team trainers, Thibs, D-Rose himself, well now we know, the only person who can decide is God. Feels good to have a little clarity on this situation. Lets just hope God clears him to play sooner rather than later.


On a scale of 1-10, I’m at about a 1 million in wanting this Bulls season to just be over so we can start fresh next year. I just want D-Rose to be D-Rose again, that’s all any of us want.




Cancel my bracket life.