Bully Punching A Blind Kid Gets Knocked The F Out

Bullying a blind kid is cold. Oh so cold. Colder than a polar bear’s toenails. Thats the type of guy who would get his best friend’s girlfriend pregnant, then tricking his best friend into raising the little motherfucker. He’s the dude who would call the cops on his drug-dealing neighbors, not because it was the right thing to do, but just cause he was jealous of all the money they was makin. This bully is the type of bully who would call in a bomb threat at the Special Olympics. Hate hate hate!

Listen we can sit here and argue the degree of this kid’s blindness until the cows come home. Its not like he was a stick waving, braille reading, pitch black blindo. He’s the Blind Mike type. But even those versions of the blindos dont deserve to be beat up. I mean every punch you throw at a blind kid is a sucker punch. Blind Mike cant see a Spike Ball coming his way, he aint seeing fists of fury either. And dont get me wrong, that blind kid could be a fucking asshole. You know it is possible to have a disability or a disease or some other sympathetic situation and still be a total cocksucker who deserves to have his face punched in. But, even if that kid isnt all too blind, and even if hes a complete prick, you cant just wail on his face. If that happens, someone bigger and stronger than you is gonna come along and Todd Bertuzzi you. You’re getting knocked the fuck out and your face is going straight into the pavement. Thats just the risk you run being the Blind Kid Bully.

PS – People who dont fight a lot always yell “Get the fuck out of here” and “I swear to God” a lot.